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A C O L L E C T I O N O F P R O D U C T S F R O M O U R P A R T N E R S 14 MODEL: L2600SY TYPE: High Precision Y-Axis Turning Center DESCRIPTION: 10" horizontal lathe Y-axis, high precision with built-in type main and sub-spindles, and compensation-type Y-axis, excellent for machining high quality products. • Cycle time reducing structure for maximum productivity • Multi-tasking operation with wedge type Y-axis BMT65P turret • Integrated processing through synchronized control of Main/ Sub spindle ("S" Type) • High performance heavy duty cutting enabled with box guideways • Improved maintenance through locating lubrication mechanisms on the front of machine CONTACT: Phone: 630-625-5538 MODEL: I-CUT400TD TYPE: Dual Table Tapping Center DESCRIPTION: The I-CUT400TD is a high performance tapping center with an optimally-designed main spindle, feed system, ATC and other core units. • Shortens setting time for materials with a dual table system • Direct-connection, high-speed spindle system design (15,000rpm) • Servo motor-driven ATC (C-C time: 1.72 sec.) • Shortens non-cutting time with rapid feed (56m/min.) CONTACT: Phone: 630-625-5538 MODEL: KF5600 TYPE: Vertical Machining Center DESCRIPTION: KF5600 includes improved features such as optimal structural analysis, variety of spindle variations, large work space. • Diverse spindle structure (direct-connection: 8K, 12K; built-in: 15K, 20K) • Increases strength through structural analysis • Expands machining domain with y-axis 560mm design • Shortens not-cutting time with rapid feeds (40/40/36m/min.) • Mold packages for optimum mold manufacturing (20K built-in) CONTACT: Phone: 630-625-5538 MODEL: XF6300 TYPE: 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center DESCRIPTION: XF6300 is a simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center that includes a unified bed & column structure, and the DDM table and BOX-IN-BOX structures standard to boast the highest level of precision and productivity in its class. • Increases strength with all-in-one bed & column structure • Machines High-precision parts with x-axis box-in-box structure • Built-in DDM table • Standard 34-tool ring-type ATC (C-C time: 4.5 sec.) • 19" LCD monitor CONTACT: Phone: 630-625-5538 See us in booth 338948 See us in booth 338948 See us in booth 338948 See us in booth 338948

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