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Page 18 of 23 | The Machine Tool Search Engine 17 CONTACT: Phone: 817-258-3200 CUTTER: SDK D2.0-1.9-4-1.00-10-HP INSERT: SDHW 100408-TN DESCRIPTION: XQUAD is a unique extended flute cutter with 4 cutting edge square inserts. With the straight, durable, positive rake cutting edges, it is ideal for high temp alloys and aerospace parts. Coolant ports pinpoint each insert keeping the cutting temperature as low as possible. The special position of inserts provides a quiet and chatter free operation and the uniquely designed flute gullet allows for efficient chip evacuation. CONTACT: Phone: 817-258-3200 TOOLHOLDER: PCLXR/L 12-4X INSERT: CXMG 12T508-M3M DESCRIPTION: The LogIQ4Turn is an upgrade for the high positive CCGT, DCGT type inserts. The advantage of this new insert (CXMG) is 4 cutting edges (vs 2 for conventional inserts) automatically doubling the cutting edges for improved economy. This insert will also produce overall superior performance because of the unique dove tail style clamping. This clamping significantly improves insert-pocket connection rigidity and tool stability especially apparent in difficult applications and interrupted cut. The CXMG cannot be wrongly cramped so its trouble free to index properly. For difficult turning applications in an automated machining environment, CXMG style inserts could provide an alternative to improve your operation. CONTACT: Phone: 817-258-3200 BLOCK: TGTBU 25.4-35-JHP BLADE: TGSU 35-3-4Z-JHP INSERT: TAG N4HF DESCRIPTION: As the newest advancement in single ended parting technology the TANGFGRIP is designed to part-off in either X or Y axis with very high feed rates. The insert has robust edge structure providing extra strength to the cutting edge to allow for reduced parting off times on all types of machines. It's vertical Y axis blade 32 can be mounted on common holders. TANGFGRIP Vertical Angled X Axis 35 Blade for Conventional Machines. The newly designed 35mm blade is mounted on innovative patented X axis block that can be applied to conventional machines. CONTACT: Phone: 817-258-3200 CUTTER: FFQ4 D2.00-07-0.75-09 INSERT: FFQ4 SOMT 090412HP DESCRIPTION: MILL4FEED: A new family of FEEDMILL tools that carry square single-sided inserts with 4 cutting edges, designed to reduce cutting forces when used on low power machines or long overhang applications. The large insert radius provides high corner durability and minimizes step mark on walls and floor surfaces. The small lead angle reduces radial forces making it suitable for long overhang applications. See us in booth 431800 See us in booth 431800 See us in booth 431800 See us in booth 431800

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