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Page 20 of 23 | The Machine Tool Search Engine 19 TYPE: M4000 with Tiger·tec Gold DESCRIPTION: M4000 is the universal system for all users who want to have as many options as possible when milling. The M4000 range can master all machining tasks with one type of indexable insert. Efficiency is also maximized thanks to extremely easy handling and impressive performance data across the M4000 tool family. And with the new Tiger·tec ® Gold indexable inserts, our high- performance milling tools are achieving an unprecedented level of productivity. CONTACT: Phone: 800-945-5554 TYPE: DC160 DESCRIPTION: The new DC160 Advance solid carbide drill from Walter delivers high productivity in a variety of materials. The new drill offers many advantages including margins in a forward position to ensure rapid guidance, a steep gash angle provides space for secure chip flow, reduced feed force and superior positioning accuracy. Available in 3, 5 and 8xD, features grade WJ30ET, which includes proprietary Walter coating for excellent tool life. CONTACT: Phone: 800-945-5554 MODEL: FM-HV Series TYPE: New Ultra Performance Solid Carbide End Mill for Aluminum DESCRIPTION: RobbJack's new revolutionary FMHV-series ultra-performance 2 and 3 flute end mills are designed for high horsepower and high velocity aluminum machining in today's aircraft structures. The FMHV tools feature RobbJack's Patented Mirror edge geometry, which allows you to take deeper Z-depths of cut, reducing vibration the deeper you go, and can take cuts 450% deeper than stability lobes predict. RobbJack's FMHV tools also feature a special anti-pullout shank technology, that prevents tools from pulling out of the holder. The FMHV series tools are excellent for high speed machining of deep pockets and thin walls, and come with the option of thru coolant holes and DLC coating, a coating that helps extend cutter life for roughing applications. The overall and reach lengths for RobbJack's FMHV tools are specifically designed to have the correct length to maximize the gripping force in the tightest tolerance tool holders. Peak MMR of 713 cubic inches per minute (72 pounds of 7075 aluminum per minute), with 1" diameter, 3 flutes, thru coolant holes, and DLC coating. CONTACT: Phone: 844-520-3290 MODEL: A1-303 Series TYPE: New Ultra Performance Solid Carbide End Mill for Aluminum DESCRIPTION: RobbJack's A1-303 Series carbide end mill allows you to machine deeper parts, slots, and walls in one single pass. This tool is excellent for high speed machining, and is best used on spindles under 20,000 RPM. The A1-303 series end mills come with polished flutes, and mirror edge to eliminate chatter and vibration in high speed machining of aluminum and non-ferrous materials. CONTACT: Phone: 844-520-3290

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