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A C O L L E C T I O N O F P R O D U C T S F R O M O U R P A R T N E R S 10 MODEL: MC 20 TYPE: 4-axis Horizontal Machining Center DESCRIPTION: Features a work area of 800/800/750mm (X,Y,Z). The work piece moves in the Z axis while the tool moves in the X and Y axis in a vertical Y slide and X traversing column. The Y axis is designed as a vertical slide. The bridge-type Z axis is equipped with 1 or optionally 2 drives. The A axis is designed as swivel traverse in L-form or in optional U-form. CONTACT: Phone: 248-288-5000 MODEL: HF Series TYPE: 5 Axis Machining Center DESCRIPTION: The HF 5500 offers a work area of 900/950/900mm (X/Y/Z), and the smaller HF 3500 has a work envelope of 710/750/710mm (X/Y/Z). Three linear axes in X, Y and Z and two rotary axes in A and B integrated into a rotary table on a trunnion provide 5-sided machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining. Range of four spindle packages. Spindle speeds up to 18000 rpm and torque up to 345 Nm are available. CONTACT: Phone: 248-288-5000 MODEL: FP 4000 TYPE: 5-axis Machining Center DESCRIPTION: For heavy-duty cutting, combined milling and drilling operations, or 5-sided machining in a single setup. Work area of 800/800/1,045mm (X/Y/Z). 5-axis kinematics are provided by the tool in X, Y, C and/ or A axis, and two axes are provided by the workpiece in Z and B. Workpiece loads of up to 1,400kg on a 500mm × 630mm pallet. 44kW power and 242Nm torque. CONTACT: Phone: 248-288-5000 MODEL: CP 4000 TYPE: 5-axis Machining Center DESCRIPTION: The 5-axis mill/turning center CP 4000 features a swivel head unit and HSK-T 63 spindle taper and has a work area of 800/800/1,045mm (X, Y, Z). With 44kW power, 242Nm torque and up to 10,000rpm spindle speed, the CP series performs complex mill/turning operations. Vertical and horizontal turning operations of outer and inner contours can be accomplished with the C axis and optional A and B axis. CONTACT: Phone: 248-288-5000

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