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Page 20 of 23 | The Machine Tool Search Engine 19 MODEL: TENDO E compact TYPE: The Universal Hydraulic Toolholder DESCRIPTION: With the TENDO E compact it is no longer required to use different holder technologies for milling, drilling, and reaming. Hydraulic expansion toolholders are perfectly suited for high volume cutting. The attractively priced TENDO E compact works well in many situations, from rough milling applications to finish operations such as reaming and fine milling. CONTACT: Phone: 919-575-2705 MODEL: KONTEC KSC-F TYPE: Clamping Vise DESCRIPTION: The SCHUNK KONTEC KSC-F single-acting clamping vises with fixed jaw, achieves high clamping forces at comparably low torque. Due to the 160 degree "Quick Clamp" force intensifier, workpieces are clamped in less than a second, and the vise is safely locked, making re-tightening with a torque wrench no longer necessary. CONTACT: Phone: 919-575-2705 MODEL: Mastercam 2017 TYPE: Software DESCRIPTION: Mastercam 2017 is latest release and introduces a more efficient workflow, improved usability, Dynamic Motion improvements, and so much more. Maximum Stock Engagement for select 3D HST Finishing toolpaths allow you to select a previously made stock model and set the maximum depth so that you can limit how deeply the cutter engages uncut material. Mill-Turn now supports multiple sessions, Machine Groups, and multi-station tool locators for turrets as well as half index positions. CONTACT: Phone: 860-875-5006 MODEL: hyperMILL TYPE: CAD/CAM Software DESCRIPTION: hyperMILL® offers state-of-the-art CAM/CAD technologies to enhance the NC programming process and enable users to obtain top performance from their machine tools. OPEN MIND is a global pioneer in 5axis technologies and designs unique CAM solutions that include a high number of innovative and patented features not available elsewhere to deliver significantly higher performance. In US, the product is offered by direct sales and dedicated service team. CONTACT: Phone: 888-516-1232

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