Nov 2017

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Page 10 of 23 | The Machine Tool Search Engine 9 MODEL: PUMA SMX 3100 TYPE: Multi-Tasking, Turning DESCRIPTION: The PUMA SMX3100 multi-task milling/turning center is designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term accuracy and superior surface finishes. C-axis contouring, Y-axis off- center and B-axis any-angle milling/drilling/tapping allow for single set-up completion of highly complex workpieces. CONTACT: Phone: 973-618-2500 MODEL: NHP Series TYPE: Horizontal Machining Centers DESCRIPTION: Doosan Machine Tools' newest HMCs, the NHP Series, delivers high productivity through reduced non-cutting time and enhanced efficiency. X/Y/Z acceleration times of up to 1G, 27% improvement on rotary table indexing and spindle speeds up to 20,000 RPM with improved acceleration / deceleration contribute to class-leading performance. The rigid structure design allows for 3-point leveling and the center-through trough provides better chip evacuation and easier maintenance. CONTACT: Phone: 973-618-2500 MODEL: DNM Series TYPE: Vertical Machining Centers DESCRIPTION: The new generation DNM Series VMCs are built for customers that demand aggressive cutting and high accuracy. Stepped up in capacity, the three DNM models offer larger cutting space by 6% in the same machine footprint as previous generation machines. Non-cutting time is reduced through faster spindle acceleration / deceleration and axis speeds, and the new DNM 5700/15k features a high-speed 15,000 RPM Big Plus 40 Taper spindle. CONTACT: Phone: 973-618-2500 MODEL: PUMA VTR 1216 TYPE: Vertical Turning Centers DESCRIPTION: The Doosan Machine Tools VTR 1216 is a series of large capacity, ram-type vertical turning centers equipped with an additional spindle for milling, a one-piece bed and dual chip conveyers. Full X-axis travel distances allow machining and probing on both sides of the workpiece. Up to four tools can be mounted in quad holders integrated into the tool magazines with capacities from 15 to 33 stations. CONTACT: Phone: 973-618-2500

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