Nov 2017

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A C O L L E C T I O N O F P R O D U C T S F R O M O U R P A R T N E R S 12 TYPE: Bridge Type Machining Centers DESCRIPTION: Zayer's bridge type machining centers offer four and five axis continuous machining and models that include a moveable cross beam (w axis). These machines are built with perlitic cast iron and Zayer's renowned 30° head. Additionally, an optional electrospindle as well as other head configurations are available. CONTACT: Phone: 800-421-2105 CONTACT: Phone: 800-421-2105 TYPE: Heavy Duty Lathe DESCRIPTION: Geminis' lathes exemplify the most modern innovations to industrial CNC lathes including multiprocess lathes that can turn, mill, grind and bore, all in one set up! Allowing for one to save time and money. TYPE: Heavy Duty Milling Machines DESCRIPTION: Lagun's line of heavy milling machines includes traveling columns and bed types. They also have the optional technology for additive manufacturing known as WAAM. These machines cater to the needs of all sectors of industrial activity, especially general machining, dies, molds, automotive, aeronautics and renewable energies. CONTACT: Phone: 800-421-2105 CONTACT: Phone: 800-421-2105 TYPE: Milling, CNC DESCRIPTION: Republic Lagun CNC's vertical machining centers are customized to meet customer's specific needs. They incorporate the ability to combine both milling and grinding and both 4 and 5 axis machining. These machines have high thermal and mechanical stability to ensure a lifetime of accuracy.

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