Nov 2017

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Page 2 of 23 | The Machine Tool Search Engine 1 Thinking about Five-Axis CNC Machining? By Barry Rogers We started this four-part series, which is intended for novice machine tool buyers or engineers, with "What to Consider When Buying a Machine Tool." Then in the second installment, we suggested "A Smart Approach to Buying a VMC," followed by an article answering the question "Is It Time to Move up to a HMC?" We covered why shops machining multi-sided prismatic (box- like) parts, such as valve bodies or aircraft components, are perfect candidates for employing horizontal machining. At this point, some companies with more complex parts should start thinking about purchasing a five-axis machine, which is often considered the natural progression from an HMC. Likewise, companies heavily into vertical machining in which a fourth-axis table or trunnion may have been added to a three-axis vertical, should also think about buying a five-axis machine. Complex Surfaces, Complex Geometry You may be surprised to learn that only

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