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A C O L L E C T I O N O F P R O D U C T S F R O M O U R P A R T N E R S 8 MODEL: SMART-B1640III TYPE: Multi-functional CNC Surface Grinder DESCRIPTION: The New Grinding Edge. The SMART-III series multi-functional two- or three-axes CNC surface grinder has a PC-based control with user-friendly conversational TaskLink function, for ease of learning and operation, no CNC experience necessary. The SMART control features a constant-contact auto dressing function and variable spindle speeds with constant surface speed control. Simulation mode to prove-out a program prior to putting it in production, reducing or eliminating scrapped parts and simplifying part set-up. CONTACT: Phone: 562-903-1926 CONTACT: Phone: 562-903-1926 MODEL: FNL-220LSY TYPE: Multi-Axis; CNC Lathe DESCRIPTION: Multi-Axis Turning and Milling Machine Delivers Superior Accuracy and Rigidity. This newly designed series features milling and turning functions with multi-axis capability. Its multi-functional design allows the operator to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations in one machine. Turning and milling with first and second operations are in one machine. Y-axis travel (±2.17" from the centerline) for off-center milling is the largest range in its class. The series features high-torque live tooling, with full C-axis for the main and sub-spindle. The ability to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations on one machine increases throughput and reduces handling. And the machine is superior to the competition with a competitive price. CONTACT: Phone: 562-903-1926 MODEL: QP5X-400 TYPE: 5-Axis; Vertical Machining Center DESCRIPTION: Have It All: Better Accuracy, More Productivity, Less Manpower and Higher Profitability. Chevalier's NEW 5-Axis VMC, a 40-taper, high-speed vertical machining center, features 5-axis simultaneous or 4+1 axis applications. The standard machine is integrated with a 2-axis, 12.6" Trunnion Table. Heavy-duty construction offers high rigidity, with major parts of the machine constructed of high- quality Meehanite cast iron, offering superior stability. The pre-tensioned, Class C3 ball screws are used in all three axes. All servomotors are directly coupled to ball screws, increasing movement sensitivity while dramatically reducing backlash. CONTACT: Phone: 562-903-1926 MODEL: FSG-1632ADIII TYPE: High-Precision Grinder; Touch Screen Control; 3-axis, Fully Automatic DESCRIPTION: We do mean FULLY automatic. The FSG-ADIII series features: PLC controller, grind cycle with rough/fine grinding, spark-out passes and automatic over- wheel dresser with compensation. After cycle finishes, table will "park" either left or right, wheel head will park at safety position facilitating unloading and loading. Series feature rough/ fine-grinding cycles, switching from rough-grinding down-feed increments to fine-grinding down-feed increments at preset points during cycle. Crossfeed also switches from rough/fine cross-feed increment for finer surface finish and finer accuracy. Touch-screen control has standard programs: plunge grinding cycle, crisscross or zigzag cycles, and CBN dressing cycle. Simple and user-friendly, all skill levels can operate.

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