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A C O L L E C T I O N O F P R O D U C T S F R O M O U R P A R T N E R S Jedd Cole Associate Editor, Modern Machine Shop 6915 Valley Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45244 PH: 513.527.8800 FX: 513.527.8801 CEO Rick Kline Sr. Director of Custom Content Tom Beard Chief Data Officer Steve Kline Jr. President Rick Kline Jr. Group Publisher Travis Egan Director of Strategic Engagement Dave Necessary Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Kline Skavlem Treasurer Ernie Brubaker Director of Editorial Operations Kate Hand Going beyond Information This supplement and the previous four editions are an attempt to pass on insight as well as data. This is the fifth edition of Machine/Shop, a print supplement to Modern Machine Shop magazine intended to bring insights about machine tool purchasing and about how Techspex can facilitate that process. While the Techspex database serves as a cross-brand platform to help shops find and compare machine tool specifications in order to make smart and efficient purchase decisions, this short magazine is an attempt to go beyond information and deliver insight. That's why we've teamed up with Barry Rogers, an industry veteran, to put together in-depth articles on the ins and outs of choosing the right machine tool for a shop's needs. This edition brings Mr. Rogers' fifth article for Machine/Shop, covering turning machines: the backbone of machining's long history. This past year's articles include: 1. " What to Consider When Buying a Machine Tool," which lays out the most important questions a shop needs to answer before moving forward on a machine tool acquisition: Why buy the machine in the first place? What kinds of parts are going to be made on it? What departments and personnel should be involved in the purchase decision? How do you gather research data? 2. "A Smart Approach to Buying a VMC," which dives into specific characteristics and components of vertical machining centers that ought to be considered before buying a new one. Machine structure, spindle taper, toolchanger, coolant delivery and chip disposal all have impacts on efficiency and efficacy (and therefore the bottom line). 3. "Is It Time to Mo ve Up to an HMC?," which clarifies the strengths of an oftentimes more expensive horizontal machining center over the capabilities of a VMC for productively and profitably machining higher volumes of prismatic workpieces. 4. " Thinking about Five-Axis Machining?," which covers what makes five-axis machining centers worth the investment. Because these machines are so expensive and complex, the article also gives concrete advice on when this technology may not be the best solution for a machine shop. Readers can find all these articles, as well as a listing of featured products from our partners, at . The articles also can also be found at by clicking "View our Guide to Buying Machine Tools."

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